About Friends of the Storfjord

The organisation 'Friends of Storfjord' (Storfjordens Venner) was formed in 1975. The organisation works to protect cultural heritage and traditions along Storfjord in Sunnmøre. The main areas of interest for the organisation are the fjord and mountain farms along the fjord arms of Geirangerfjorden, Sunnylvsfjorden, Norddalsfjorden and Tafjorden.

Friends of Storfjord have undertaken restoration projects on some of the old buildings located on some of these abandoned fjord and mountain farms along Storfjord. The projects have been financed by self-raised funds, voluntary work and some public and private donations. Many owners also receive contributions towards restoration and transport. Among other activities, the organisation has completed comprehensive restoration projects at Blomberg, Ytste Skotet, Skageflå and Reindalssaga. Friends of Storfjord have also carried out maintenance of pathways, cultural heritage sites etc.

The organisation arranges an annual event at one of the abandoned farms and publishes a calendar. The aim of these initiatives is to bring focus to their important work in preserving our cultural heritage.

Friends of Storfjord also owns the Ytste Skotet farm in Stordal municipality. Friends of Storfjord have restored the farm, that was donated to the organisation by the former owners. The foundation 'Ytste Skotet' is responsible for the daily operations on the farm, which now operates as a living museum. School classes and other groups can experience the traditional way of life on a self-sufficient farm. During their stay the groups take part in the everyday tasks on the farm, such as traditional cooking, woodcutting, weaving, harvesting and similar tasks.

Storfjordens Venner